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Connect with NT Solar at the Infocast Clean Energy Investment Summit

Written By: NTCIC

The NT Solar team looks forward to connecting with our industry colleagues at the inaugural Infocast Clean Energy Investment Summit.

As leaders in the renewable energy sector, we’re eager to connect with experts, investors, and innovators to explore the vast opportunities the energy transition presents. With the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) supercharging the clean energy market, this summit offers a unique platform to delve into the potential of various asset classes, including solar and battery storage. Join us as we collaborate, learn, and shape the future of clean energy. At NT Solar, our proven expertise in supporting investors’ ESG goals, coupled with our track record of structuring and financing large-scale portfolio investments, positions us at the forefront of this transformative journey. Join us as we collaborate, learn, and shape the future of clean energy.

Meet our staff attending the Houston conference and connect! Click here for more information on the Infocast Clean Energy Investment Summit.

Alyssa Watt

Senior Transactions Manager, NT Solar

As a Senior Transactions Manager, Alyssa is responsible for the management of the rapidly growing investment portfolio of NT Solar from financial closing through the compliance period. Prior to joining NTCIC, Alyssa held positions in asset management where she was responsible for commercial and technical operations of a 250 MW DG and utility-scale solar portfolio, as well as solar + storage projects across the US. | Connect on LinkedIn

Kevin Carder

Asset Manager, NT Solar

As an Asset Manager, Kevin is responsible for managing NT Solar’s portfolio of solar tax credit investments during the compliance periods. The portfolio currently consists of over $400 million in solar assets under management. Additionally, he oversees the completion of post-closing equity installments, reviews annual financial statements, and ensures timely delivery of required reporting for developers and investors. | Connect on LinkedIn