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The Effects of COVID on NMTC Asset Management

Written By: NTCIC

Since the widespread onset of COVID, asset management teams like those at National Trust Community Investment Corporation (NTCIC), a tax credit syndicator and community development entity (CDE), have been supporting projects and investors facing myriad challenges. The initial shutdown and the massive disruption that followed created a level of uncertainty and volatility many communities have not seen since the Great Depression. It disrupted a wide range of projects at all phases of project life cycles, even among historically-stable assets.

“Project sponsors are still facing tremendous challenges,” said Bret Mosher, NTCIC’s vice president of asset management. “The pandemic has cost them time, money, and most importantly, the opportunity to serve the communities they are trying to help. Our team is in constant contact with our projects and investors to help mitigate risk, solve issues as they arise and ensure projects are successful.”

Read the full article written by NTCIC President Merrill Hoopengardner and Marketing Manager Mike Palien in this month’s issue of the Novogradac Journal of Tax Credits: NMTC Issue.

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