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Advocates Gain Support for the HTC-GO Ahead of August Recess

Written By: NTCIC

Connect with Your Legislators and Request Cosponsorship of HTC-GO

WASHINGTON, DC, August 1, 2023 – Members of Congress have departed Washington for the August recess and will not return until after Labor Day. Advocates are encouraged to contact offices to request cosponsorship of the Historic Tax Credit Growth and Opportunity Act (HTC-GO, HR 1785/S. 639) and look for opportunities to meet with legislators while they are back home.

Advocates continue to gain support for the HTC-GO, with 28 House members and 9 Senators cosponsoring the bill, adding nine new members of Congress in support of the bill.

In June, The House Ways & Means Committee approved a Republican-led economic package that included individual and small business relief, extended certain expired tax provisions, and rescinded many Inflation Reduction Act provisions.

With moderate Republicans from high-tax states demanding an increase to state and local tax deductions, it is unclear whether the bill will be brought to the House floor for a vote. In its current form, the bill will not pass the Senate but would serve as a House Republican marker for potential bipartisan and bicameral tax bill negotiations later this year.

When members of Congress return in September, they will need to pass stop-gap funding measures to address FY2024 spending bills and avoid a government shutdown. With disagreement on spending levels among House Republicans, there are strong indications that Congressional leaders will be busy negotiating must-pass legislation at the end of the year.

Growing Cosponsorship for Year-End Consideration

HTC advocates will continue to monitor congressional efforts to determine what legislative tax vehicles might come forward later this year. A strong demonstration of support for HTC-GO through cosponsorship will elevate the chances of the bill being considered in any year-end legislation.

Improvements to the HTC are more vital than ever. Recent National Park Service statistics show that HTC Part 2 applications were down in FY2021 and FY2022 by 20% compared to FY2019. The passage of HTC-GO provisions would enable projects to address financing challenges prolonged by diminished credit value, rising interest rates, and skyrocketing material and labor costs.

August Recess Advocacy Opportunity

With members of Congress back home for the August recess through Labor Day, we encourage you to contact them to request cosponsorship of HTC-GO and attend upcoming political events and gatherings to discuss the bill. Advocates are also encouraged to meet with legislators or organize a tour of a local HTC project(s) to share the challenges involved with historic rehabilitation, how proposed improvements to the HTC will bring more value to the HTC, and how the HTC-GO provisions will make the credit easier to use.

Please let us know about your contact with your members of Congress. Thank you to all the advocates that have reached out to offices to request August meetings and site visits!

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